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Molly Chance

Creative, encouraging, detail-oriented, caring, personable, results-oriented, honest.

Creative, encouraging, detail-oriented, caring, personable, results-oriented, honest.

Feb 8 3 minutes read

Texas Home Life Referral Program – Refer Your Friends to a Top Denton Real Estate Agent

In a class we took recently, the statistic was given that every person you know knows of at least 5 people this year that are wanting to make a move. So, out of those five people you will come across this year, wouldn’t you want to make sure they got connected with a top Denton area real estate professional that can get the job done for them?

Why Refer Us?

There are a lot of real estate agents out there..I mean, a lot. Unfortunately a good number of them aren’t getting the proper education and training on how to help a home owner successfully get their home sold, and safely without legal repercussions. This is our profession, and we take it very seriously. Having been full time Realtors® since 2003, we have the experience to know how to guide our clients through the real estate transaction. We are problem solvers. Every transaction WILL have problems, and you have to have the trust that the real estate agent you’ve hired will know how to solve those problems. And with all of the tasks and timelines that must be met to make sure everything goes smoothly and actually closes, it really takes a village. That’s why we have a team of full time agents that are experts at every stage of the real estate transaction, from beginning to end.

What’s In It For You

Besides knowing that you’ve done something to make your friend or neighbor’s life much easier, we’ll also send you a gift card for a meal on us! All you have to do is email, text or call us with the person’s contact information that needs our help. It’s that easy.

Make the Right Choice

Make the right choice in helping your friends, neighbors and co-workers connect with a  top Denton real estate agent who is a full-time professional, committed to training and understanding the processes that protect their clients and one of their largest investments…their home.

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