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5 Ways to Prepare Your House to Sell While Sheltering in Place from Covid-19

Bret Chance

Integrity, hard work, do the right thing, problem-solving, professionalism, driven, teacher. Those are words that describe Bret Chance...

Integrity, hard work, do the right thing, problem-solving, professionalism, driven, teacher. Those are words that describe Bret Chance...

Mar 24 3 minutes read

As concerts get postponed, sporting events get canceled, schools close and tourist hot spots shut down, you may be feeling a tad bit stir crazy at home. What's there to do while stuck indoors? It's a great time to prepare your house to sell! Statistics show that a house that's been staged and 'market-ready' sells for more money in less time. With all this extra time on your hands, you can start making your house more valuable.

1. Declutter

Go through your house, room by room. It’s easiest to complete one room at a time. Use three laundry baskets or trash bags - one for ‘Keep/Find a New Place’, a second for ‘Give Away/Donate’, and a third for ‘Trash’. Take a look at your walls as well. If you have a lot of personal photos on the walls, it is difficult for a potential buyer to see themselves in your home. It may seem tough at first, but once you get going, you will feel so much better. You’ll be surprised at how different your spaces will look. It may seem bare to you, but it will be more spacious and inviting to a potential buyer.

2. Deep clean 

Make a list room by room of what tasks need to be done. Make sure to clean those things that don’t normally get much attention - baseboards, windows, ceiling fans, tub/shower tile and grout, tops of appliances, etc. These are things we tend to overlook, but they will catch the eye of someone coming in to buy a new home.

3. Upgrade the curb appeal

Wash the front door and porch area. Get a new welcome mat, some potted flowers, and maybe new door hardware. While the real estate agent is unlocking the front door, the potential buyer has plenty of time to notice all of the ‘little things’. Fresh mulch in the flower beds and a trim of the shrubs and trees will also give a good first impression.

4. Make repairs 

In most cases, it’s best to go ahead and repair those things that you know need to be addressed. Repairs can cause more issues down the road when trying to sell for top dollar. And they usually cost you less to fix up front. If there are some big repairs, get the advice of your real estate agent. There are always options.

5. Rearrange furniture

Do you have furniture blocking walking spaces or windows? Try to see the space from the eyes of a potential buyer. Does it seem spacious or cramped? You can always store some furniture in your garage temporarily. (Make sure to leave a pathway to your hot water heater, attic space, sprinkler system, or any other system that the home inspector or buyer may need access to.)

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Home staging goes beyond just cleaning and decorating your home.

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